Changing the way the solar industry works…

It starts with our commitment to providing you with the best priced, highest quality, American made PV systems on the market, but it goes far beyond that…

As a social benefit corporation, our company has a fundamental mandate to consider the “triple bottom line” of people, planet, and profit. That means everything we do has a vested interest in supporting local communities, helping address issues of economic disparity, caring for the environment, and giving back to those in need.

We take great pride in raising the bar for companies, and creating a new standard for ethical business practices. That means you can feel good about supporting a company that is truly making a positive difference in the world. More than just being good, we strive to DO good.

We also pride ourselves on ethical sales practices, making sure to educate and empower people with all the information needed to make the best possible decision. At Bright Planet Solar, we believe in a collaborative, transparent approach that makes the process easy and comprehensive at the same time.

Between all of us here at Bright Planet, we’ve got decades of experience with solar installation, sales & marketing, many years in the customer service field. We felt it was high time start a new kind of solar company. So in late 2014 Bright Planet Solar was created! From working out of one of our sales rep’s basement to operating in over 7 states our growth has been nothing short of impressive. Mikey Heinz, our CEO,  has spent the last past four years revolutionizing the solar industry. Paired with Mikhail (Misha) Glazomitsky, our COO, who has spent over six years within the field of solar design, installation, and account management, its safe to say we have some pretty strong leaders!

The people who make it all happen…


Mikey Heinz


Mikey has spent the last four year working within the solar industry during which time he has completely changed the industry. His solar career began in 2013 working with industry giants SolarCity. During his time there he was responsible for creating a presence on the Eastern Coast, a task which SolarCity is still profiting from. Mikey then moved on to work as the VP of Operation for the California based Brite Energy. After a year there Mikey received a position for the world’s largest solar company, SunEdison. During his time there Mikey served as the Head of Global Operation where he made a tremendous name for himself throughout the entire solar field. Bringing all of this experience and more, Mikey joined Bright Planet in late 2015 and has been leading the company to places never thought possible ever since. 




Mikhail joined Bright Planet Solar in early 2015 and brought with him over 4 years of solar PV experience in many different roles including sales, system design, installation, project management, and operations for both residential and commercial scale solar projects. Mikhail’s experience has offered him a unique perspective on what it means to deliver the highest quality installations and has incorporated his deep industry knowledge into leading Bright Planet Solar’s operations. Prior to joining Bright Planet Solar, Mikhail worked at Rexel Energy Solutions (formerly Munro Distributing) focused on driving their PV solar division.